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New Year's Offer

Save 70% on your executive coaching program

Dora Hegedus - your new thinking partner in Denmark

I'm senior certified executive and team coach, experienced  training manager, Gestalt therapist and supervisor, with 29 yrs of diverse international business and leadership experience.

I stand for competency, compassion, curiosity and courage, offering a safe harbour for leaders and teams to be able to reflect and deep dive for their better self and impact their environment for a meaningful and sustainable future.

I recently moved to Aarhus and launching my business in Denmark. I’d love to calibrate my skills with local business leader clients, therefore I’m offering a special price on the first 5 new clients in Denmark.

Find out why leaders all over the globe decide to invest time, energy and money in sparring with highly experienced certified coaches!

Treat yourself with professional coaching in person!

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