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On becoming master coach

On becoming master coach

I’m happy to share my first piece of 2023 good news with you: my application for MCC (Master Certified Coach) has been approved by the International Coaching Federation, enabling me to join the distinguished community of the 1,940 MCC coaches around the world.

This is an important milestone in my coaching career, started over 15 years ago. A long journey with its ups and downs, friends, colleagues, alliances, success stories, struggles, a lot of learning and self-discovery. These 15 years were not only about working as business and executive coach, but also contributing to the profession in other roles. Educating and mentoring future coaches, volunteering for ICF in several leadership roles for 8 years, initiating and leading the Federation of Hungarian Coach Organisations have been all formative experiences. Another important milestone was when my contribution to the global coaching profession was acknowledged by the ICF President’s Award in 2012, for being “a role model for the values of ICF that we all hold sacred; integrity, excellence, respect and collaboration.” 

I’d like to thank my MCC mentors their support and care: Claire Pedrick MCCMadai Kriszta and Leda Turai MCC, MA, MSc.

I also want to thank all my clients, students, trainers, partners professional alliances and my family for making my learning journey meaningful.

I wish you all an amazing 2023!

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