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Passionate About Potential

I want to see

And to meet you

With stepping on the thin ice.

Mayuzumi Madoka


I work as ICF master credentialed executive and team coach since 2007 with diverse global blue chip corporate clients, after 14 years of corporate carrier and NGO leadership experience. Building on my global mindset, network and multicultural experience I’m part of different regional and global leadership and coaching projects.

I hold master's degree  in economic science and a specialized legal postgraduate degree for economists. I’m PCC level certified coach. I'm co-founder, trainer and mentor coach of different ICF accredited international coach training programs, focusing on creating a safe and transformative learning environment. I also work as EAGT accredited Gestalt therapist, and Gestalt supervisor.

I volunteered in different local and international leadership position in the International Coaching Federation and the Federation of Hungarian Coach Organizations. My contribution to the global coaching profession was acknowledged by the ICF President’s Award for being “a role model for the values of ICF that we all hold sacred; integrity, excellence, respect and collaboration.”

People around me know me as a doer, creative problem solver, structured, critical thinker, also strategic, future-focused and open minded, supportive and compassionate, curious and fun.

I'm member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC), the  European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and the Dansk Psykoterapeutforening.  I'm certified by the European Association for Psychotherapy.

I work with my clients in English, Italian and French.


ICF President's Award




TEDx Women speaker




Danish SUP Champion 50+



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