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tailor made Services

Your Thinking Partner stands for competency, compassion and curiosity, offering a safe harbour for leaders and teams to be able to reflect and deep dive for their better self and impact their environment for a meaningful and sustainable future.

I am passionate about human possibilities, what can be discovered via dialogue, in safe and deep connections. Understanding you instead of analysing the problems, offering support and challenge that enables you to think beyond the obvious problems and create a new reality for yourself and your business.
In an ever changing world, being fully present brings so much value in a relationship that the unexpected can happen, the unprecedented can become reality and the impossible opens up for potential.
Learning to connect your brain, body, emotions with your stories,  will make you more aware of the present and more ready for the future.
We can learn for decades but never as much as from with meeting the right sparring partner. Together we search for your authentic questions, not the answers first.

Ask for your tailor made development plan and offer, based on your needs and goals!

Executive coaching

Engage with a sparring partner to explore, reflect, breathe, re-invent yourself, create a meaningful executive carrier, build your legacy and connect to others in an enriching way.


Business coaching

Build a balanced and authentic carrier, strengthen your management skills, connect with your team in an engaging way, find your voice and vision at work.


Team coaching

Together with your management team we discover ways to realize your joint potential, to resolve deep lying conflicts and create a common agenda to become a high performing and connected team.


Group coaching and workshops

Unlearn and learn skills and behaviors together with other professionals, sharing your stories, listening, gaining perspective and support each other.



When you need a reflective space to share the dilemmas and questions around your professional relationships, let them be team members, direct reports, therapy or coaching clients.


Gestalt therapy

Gestalt is a German word that loosely translated means "to become whole". By gaining greater awareness of the different parts of themselves and accepting these parts rather than labeling them wrong or banish them, the Gestalt approach results in a sense of being more fully yourself.

I offer a safe connection to be able to connect with yourself and have transformative conversations that can create long-lasting change in your life.

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