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Craving Belonging Beyond Denmark's Work-Life Ideal

I recently had the incredible opportunity to be a guest on the "Belonging: work-life balance in Denmark and Hungary" podcast hosted by Anne Fox. On episode 294, I discuss my journey of leaving Hungary and relocating to Denmark in my 50s with my family. We talk about how even though Denmark is renowned for its excellent work-life balance, there are still challenges in feeling a true sense of belonging as an immigrant in a new country. I share my perspective on what I call the "killing me softly" phenomenon that international employees often face despite good work policies, and provide advice for Danish leaders on how to foster an environment of real inclusivity beyond just work flexibility. It is an enriching experience to have an open dialogue about such an important topic. I'm grateful to Anne Fox for the platform to share my story and insights on cultivating cross-cultural understanding in the workplace. You can listen to the full episode (20mins) on the podcast's website or streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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