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Onboarding with the New Board of ICF Denmark Chapter

The moment the new board of ICF Denmark Chapter met for the first time... I found myself revisiting a chapter of my leadership volunteer career with ICF, that I thought I had concluded a decade ago, when -after an enriching 8-year tenure in various leadership roles within ICF-, I stepped back.

Yet today, I'm re-onboarding, a reflection of both changed times and personal growth. The landscape is markedly different – a new country, a different era, and my evolved understanding of leadership and collaboration. I am keen to delve into the Danish work culture, renowned for its high trust levels, consensus-driven decisions, respect for work-life balance, and community prioritization over self-interest.

It might be commonplace on LinkedIn to express honour, but my sentiment is profound. Being elected as president-elect, despite being a foreigner and not yet fluent in Danish, signifies a leap of faith and a monumental trust that fuels my motivation extraordinarily.

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