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Things I enjoy in Denmark... The level of TRUST

I took this photo last night in Aarhus. The flower shop was closed already, but they left the bouquets outside with the price tag and the mobile number where people can pay for them.

- good for the shop, being able to sell after opening hours

- good for late comers to be able to buy flowers outside of opening hours

- good for the flowers, to find a home and not to have lived in vain

- good for the environment, decreasing the potential waste

And all this can happen only because the shop owners can TRUST people that they'll pay for the flowers if they take them, even in a big city. They were ready to risk goods at a total value of cca 600eur.

My experience in Denmark is that Danish people somehow take this level of TRUST granted. And I feel the urge every time to remind them that this is not natural at all in most parts of the world, and how privileged they are to be able to live in this environment.

And I'm so grateful to be able to live in this environment, too :-)

Based on my experience both as business coach and therapist, TRUST can make all the difference both at individual and organizational level. And in many cases it's hard work to get there, in the case of organizations it can take years to transform the culture - but totally worth it.

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