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Unspeakables: The hidden traps between us

bias, power dynamics, secrets and emotional entanglements...

In the latest feature of Choice magazine, "Unspeakables: The hidden traps between us" I delve into the often-avoided, yet critical, aspects that influence coaching outcomes: bias, power dynamics, secrets and emotional entanglements. These elements, albeit invisible at times, significantly shape the coach-client relationship. Drawing upon my 17-year coaching journey, complemented by my experiences as a Gestalt therapist and supervisor, this article aims to shed light on these vital topics, emphasizing their importance for effective and ethical coaching practices.

Having the privilege to contribute to choice, the magazine of professional coaching, is an accolade that fills me with immense pride. choice isn’t just any publication; it’s a beacon for the coaching community, offering insights, resources, and support for those who integrate coaching into their work, personal lives, and entrepreneurial endeavors. As a magazine that partners with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), it holds a special place in the industry, boasting a substantial reach of over 25,000 people through its high-quality quarterly issues.

Being recognized as an MCC coach and contributing to such a revered publication underscores the dedication to excellence and the continuous pursuit of understanding and addressing the complexities of human interactions in coaching. It's a testament to the commitment to fostering transformative change and supporting clients in navigating their challenges with integrity and depth. Let’s honor the courage it takes to address the unspeakable, making every coaching interaction a step towards profound transformation and understanding.

If you're keen to explore more about how unspeakable topics can impact coaching and how to navigate these complexities, I invite you to use my special coupon code, AUTHOR25, for a 25% discount off a print, digital, or combo subscription at

Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine of professional coaching

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